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MinoSharp SH-550/GB PLUS 3 Sharpener Gray/Red

3 Sharpening Wheels: Rough, Medium and Fine

MinoSharp SH-550/GB PLUS 3 Sharpener Gray/Red

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Safe and easy to use 3 stage knife sharpener for any kitchen. There are three wheels, rough, medium and fine to put a new edge on your knife. Simply fill the container with water and run your knives back and forth through the slots in the necessary sequence, applying very moderate pressure.
Minosharp Plus sharpeners have extra-wide slots, suitable for thicker bladed knives (European style knives as well) and work with any brand of knives.

The 3 wheels offer a complete multi-stage sharpening process:
- Blue (coarse grit) wheel for sharpening dull and/or chipped edges
- Brown (medium grit) wheel for standard sharpening
- Yellow (superfine grit) wheel for polishing and/or refining edges

Give it a whirl!


  MinoSharp Plus 3 Ceramic Water Sharpener - Grey/Black
  Suitable for all brands of knives
  Grey and Black Model with larger slots
  Instructions Included
  Fill with water and draw the knives backwards and forwards through the slots
  Start with Coarse, move on to Medium and Fine to finish off
  Made in Japan
  Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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