The all-stainless knife was something, that many manufacturers were trying to make. Global knew that the first manufacturer to produce it would become popular throughout the world. The Japanese tradition of making knives dates back to the 13th century. At the time shokunin forged swords for the samurai. The Global Knives made by the stainless steel CROMOVA 18 was built on this legacy.


They believe craftsmanship is a call, reflection is a constraint and skill a condition. Humbleness is the way forward. Everyday is a day of improvement and every year is a new recognition. A new horizon, an improved technique and every knife is a gift. Its an honour, the same day after day, the same movements, the same dedicated goals and the same perfection. The goal is always improvement, not to be the best but to create the best.


All knives are drawn before being created for example the Global Ni is based off a fish but the knife makers believe a fish is still many times more beautiful than a kitchen knife. The belief is that designing is something that goes beyond like and dislike. It's something that just comes naturally. The things that are felt intuitively are the things one must treat with importance.


The unique hardness of the blades comes from the composition of CROMOVA 18. It optimises and enhances the blade against wear and it gives the steel a special resistance against rust and corrosion.


The knives are checked over and over again to maintain the level of quality and sharpness that you expect from a Global Knife. Each knife is individually sharpened by hand to ensure that the quality is always of a superior level.