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Global GF-27 Butcher's Knife 16cm

Best for butchering raw meat with ease

Global GF-27 Butcher's Knife 16cm

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The GF-27 is a specialist knife blade for butchering raw meat. The curved thin blade is designed to slice through joints and prepare larger cuts for cooking. The shape of the knife with its right angle curve in the blade is made to slash across meat and so separate the meat from bones, ligaments and other parts that are not wanted. It is a specialist knife designed for meat and is not recommended for cutting or chopping vegetables and other regular kitchen work. The GF-27 has a bolster, unlike the bolster-less G-28 model. This is particularly useful when the moisture from raw meat can make the knife handle slippery, having the bolster provides additional control when using the knife.

The butcher knife shape comes from a very old design. In the wild these knives were used for a huge variety of tasks, for cutting up food, skinning animals and even self defence!


  Butchers Knife - 16cm
  Made from Yoshikin CROMOVA-18 Stainless Steel
  Blade certified to Rockwell hardness C56-58
  Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge
  Wash using mild dishwashing liquid and water
  Designed by Komin Yamada
  Made in Japan
  Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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