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Global 6-Piece Mixed Knife Set

Level up your kitchen in one go!

Global 6-Piece Mixed Knife Set

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This set contains a really thorough collection of popular Global knives useful for a variety of tasks in the kitchen and is suitable for home chefs.
If you are looking to start your collection and don't plan to add many more knives, this is a recommended set.

Set includes:
- G-2 Chef’s Knife - 20cm Blade
- GS-3 Cook's Knife - 21cm Blade
- G-9 Bread Knife - 20cm Blade
- GS-36 Utility Knife - 12cm Blade
- GS-38 Paring Knife - 9cm Blade
- GS-90 Fluted Santoku Knife - 13cm Blade

About the knives in this set:
The G-2 is the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made! It can slice, dice, chop, and really do anything that you need. A multi-purpose all round blade that is included in virtually every knife set produced. It has won dozens of awards over the years testifying to the popularity of the blade. Global (represented by the G-2) has won the "Which? Best Knife category" 3 times in a row.
The G-3 is a classic carving knife, long and narrow to carve those perfect roasts. There is only one G series carving knife and it is a specialist knife that is not usually suited to other tasks. The best cuts of meat demand the best equipment. Having a super-sharp Global carving knife will ensure all your cuts of meat are thin and tender.
The G-9 is a classically shaped bread knife. It is a specialist knife, really for use with bread or similar food items. The teeth are made to saw through the crust of bread but could also be used for some tough meats, for example crackling.
The GS-36 is a handy Utility knife that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. It has a plain blade which is ideal for fruit and veg preparation, including peeling.
The GS-38 is a Paring knife, the ideal tool for preparing, slicing or peeling smaller fruit and vegetables such as for salads.

Why buy this set?
It covers almost all tasks in the kitchen and at the dinner table: Meat, Fruit, Veg, Salads, Carving and more... This set is all you need to get started in one go, or to completely replace your old, blunt knives.


  6-Piece Global Knife Set (G-2, G-9, GS-3, GS-36, GS-38, GS-90)
  Made from Yoshikin CROMOVA-18 Stainless Steel
  Blade certified to Rockwell hardness C56-58
  Acute 15 Degree Cutting Edge
  Wash using mild dishwashing liquid and water
  Designed by Komin Yamada
  Made in Japan
  Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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