To maintain their sharp edge, GLOBAL recommends periodically sharpening your knives using either a waterstone or ceramic stone. In between stone sharpening, it is also recommended that you use the  GLOBAL fine ceramic or diamond rod to hone the edges of your knives every so often when the blade edge feels dull.

Each knife sharpening tool is different and may be easy or more difficult to use depending on the individual and your level of experience or skill. In this article we explore how to use a Whetstone properly to maintain your knife’s cutting edge. With a little guidance, patience and practice, you’ll be able to bring your sharpening skills up in no time!

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The beauty of a Whetstone is that you don’t need oil to sharpen your blades. Before each use just be sure to soak your Whetstone in water for about 5 minutes.

There is a level of skill required sharpening with a Whetstone as you need to hold the knife at an angle while pushing it back and forth on the stone. To make this process easier you can purchase a guide rail, which clips onto your knife and helps hold the blade at a 15 degree angle. 


The beauty of a Whetstone is that you don’t need oil to sharpen your blades. Before each use just be sure to soak your Whetstone in water for about 5 minutes.

1. Soak your Whetstone in water for about 5 minutes. When there are no more air bubbles appearing, the stone has absorbed the optimum amount of water required.

2. The mino sharp wet stone set includes a plastic storage case that also becomes a useful holder when using your whetstone.

3. Before starting, add a bit more water to the stone surface. Add a few drops to the top of the stone occasionally throughout the sharpening process.

4. If you have more than one stone with different grits, start with the lowest grit, for example as shown from left to right in picture above: White (Rough), Yellow (Medium), Pink (Super Fine). Hold your knife at about a 15 degree angle, which is about half the height of your thumb, and slide it away from you (To help beginners retain the perfect angle, guide rails for sharpening are available separately).

5. Use light pressure for each stroke.

6. The movement should be from the tip to the base of the blade.

7. Keep the moves consistent, even, and at the same speed.

8. Do this for about 12 to 15 strokes.

9. Flip the blade over and repeat on the other side. Continue the process until and any nicks or chips in the blade have been removed and the blade is sharp. To finish, pull the blade twice at an angle to the cutting edge to remove the last burrs (Burrs are tiny pieces of metal that may remain on the blade edge after sharpening)

10. Rinse your knives carefully in hot water to clean off the grinding residue.

At this point, the blade should be extremely sharp and your knives ready for use. Remember that sharpening using a stone is a process that requires a little time but is well worth the result!

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For more knife sharpening tips and tutorials be sure to what the video below by “Mr Global” himself, Mino Tsuchida.