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Washing and Cleaning

To keep the knife in sharp and good condition it is recommended that you wash your Global knives by hand using a mild dishwashing liquid and plain water. Rinse with water after washing and dry thoroughly with a towel. Global knives should NOT be put in the dishwasher as doing so could damage the sharp edges should they come into contact with other objects in the dishwasher. In addition, exposure to the extreme heat and powerful detergents found in dishwashers can be harmful to the CROMOVA 18 high carbon stainless steel. Washing your knives in the dishwasher will also void your Lifetime Guarantee.

If your knife is not stored or cleaned correctly, you may find that brown stains can start to develop on it. General household stainless steel cleaners are available on the market, and any of these can be used to remove rust from your stainless steel safely. Please ensure you do not clean your knives with an abrasive pad or brush that could damage the finish.