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Global Stainless Steel Dotted Knife Block Set with 8 knives

Make this stylish and practical knife block the centre-piece of your kitchen!

Global Stainless Steel Dotted Knife Block Set with 8 knives

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Make this block the centre-piece of your kitchen. The perfect fusion of art and science. This is one of our flagship Global Block Knife Sets and contains a comprehensive collection of popular Global knives. This set covers almost all your kitchen and table needs.

Set includes:
- G-2 Chef’s Knife - 20cm Blade
- G-3 Carving Knife - 21cm Blade
- G-5 Vegetable Chopper - 18cm Blade
- G-9 Bread Knife - 20cm Blade
- G-21 Boning Knife Flexible - 16cm Blade
- GS-1 Kitchen Knife - 11cmBlade
- GS-5 Vegetable Chopper - 14cm Blade
- GS-11 Utility Knife Flexible - 15cm Blade
- Global Knife Block 8-Slot with Iconic Black Dot Design

About the knives in this set:
The G-2 is the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made! It can slice, dice, chop, and really do anything that you need. A multi-purpose all round blade that is included in virtually every knife set produced. It has won dozens of awards over the years testifying to the popularity of the blade. Global (represented by the G-2) has won the "Which? Best Knife category" 3 times in a row.
The G-3 is a classic carving knife, long and narrow to carve those perfect roasts. The best cuts of meat demand the best equipment. Having a super-sharp Global carving knife will ensure all your cuts of meat are thin and tender.
The G-5 vegetable chopper has a long rectangular shaped, flat blade with only a slight knife point. The G-5 Vegetable Chopper 18cm Blade is inspired by traditional Japanese "Usaba" (vegetable) knives. The shape of the blade is to encourages a straight up and down chopping motion.
The G-9 is a classically shaped bread knife. It is a specialist knife, really for use with bread or similar food items. The teeth are made to saw through the crust of bread but could also be used for some tough meats, for example crackling.
The G-21 is a flexible boning knife a long narrow blade which is tapered to a very fine point. This allows the user to work around bones. The blade is also flexible, which is great for getting under the skin and filleting fish.
The GS-1 kitchen knife has an 11cm blade and is a multi purpose knife used for cutting, slicing and chopping. Use this knife for kitchen prep work, such as cutting the leaves from strawberries or quartering oranges.
The GS-5 is the smaller version of the G-5 vegetable chopper. The relatively flat parts of the blade are designed to chop through fruit and vegetables and come into full contact with the chopping board and give a clean cut.
The GS-11 is a kitchen must have as features a flexible blade which is perfect for removing fish bones.

About the knife block:
This Global Knife Block is made of high grade 18/10 brushed stainless steel with hardened plastic slots that will protect your knives. It's sides are peppered with the iconic black dots design that is synonymous with Global. The block features a silicone non-slip base for added safety and makes a great statement piece on your kitchen work surface or counter. This is a piece of art that looks great in any kitchen!

Why buy this set?
This knife set covers almost all tasks in the kitchen: Meat, Fruit, Veg, Salads, Carving and more plus safe and attractive storage for your knives.


  8-Piece Deluxe Knife Set with Classic Dotted Design Knife Block
  8 Knives in set covering most kitchen and table needs
  Silicone Non-Slip Base
  Global Branded Block with classic Global Dots design on both sides
  18/10 grade stainless steel
  Superior protection and organization to your kitchen knives
  Made in Japan
  Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

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