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GLOBAL knives were first designed in 1985 by Komin Yamada whose brief was to develop a range of knives which was truly new and revolutionary, using the finest materials available and the most modern design concepts.
Given an almost unlimited budget he was able to fashion a series of kitchen knives which appeals to professional and amateur chefs alike, are comfortable and easy to use, and meet their most demanding requirements.

GLOBAL knives are made from the finest stainless steel material. The blades utilize CROMOVA 18, ice tempered, stainless steel and are hardened to Rockwell C56°-58°, which holds a razor sharp edge longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion.

Like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand. The smooth contours and seamless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene. From very modest beginnings, the GLOBAL knife range has now been developed to comprise more than 50 different options, providing a specialist knife for every function imaginable in food preparation.

The GLOBAL Acclaim

From this modest beginning GLOBAL has developed into one of the knife success stories of the 1990’s. Still crafted by hand by experts in Yoshikin’s Japanese knife factory at Niigata to the most exacting standards and quality specifications, they are sold in more than 89 countries around the world where they are attracting ever more attention and acclaim.

Over the years GLOBAL knives have been awarded a number of prestigious design awards:

1990 - Japanese Good Design by MITI
1991 - Selected for International Design Year Book
1992 - Selected as Best Cooks’ Knife in Benelux
1995 - G-2 selected as BEST BUY by WHICH? Magazine in the UK
1996 - Selected as Sharpest Knife by A LA CARTE Magazine in Germany
2001 – GS-29 won the Design PLUS Award in Frankfurt Messe
2003 - G-2 selected as BEST BUY by WHICH? Magazine in the UK
2006 - GLOBAL knives were selected as one of “Japanese Modern 100 Awards,” so called “J-Mark” by The “Japanesque Modern Committee”.
2011 - G-2 selected as BEST BUY by WHICH? Magazine in the UK
2013 Voted Chef’s Favourite Knife Brand by RESTAURANT Magazine in UK since 2009.
2014 G-2 selected as winner of kitchen knife test on TV show PLUS in Sweden.

Formal awards alone can barely act as a testimony to the many tens of thousands of delighted customers of GLOBAL throughout the world. GLOBAL knives are favoured today by most high ranking chefs in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants and are featured regularly on television cookery programs and chef competitions in the hands of the most celebrated chefs.

GLOBAL knives are displayed at most international catering and housewares exhibitions. Ongoing, the design and production team continue to look for ways of expanding and developing the GLOBAL knife range further, taking into account the feedback and many suggestions and proposals received from GLOBAL knife users throughout the world.