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Benriner Mandolines & Turning Slicers

Japanese-made to the highest standards, Benriner is sharp and precise.

Our Mandolins and Turning Slicers are recommended by Chefs around the world. Experts confirm that the Benriner Mandoline Slicer is the best choice for a professional grade mandolin.

In comparison tests, the Benriner Japanese Mandoline slicer delivers consistently straight and julienne cuts. Blade height can be set for thick slices of cabbage or the like, or tomatoes, or to deliver some of the thinnest slivers of cucumber. The blade dial on the Benriner Mandoline features continuous adjustability and slice thickness that can be fine-tuned down to extremely thin slices and its adjustments are simple to use. The sharpness of the blade makes slicing through practically anything a breeze. Benriner products offer durable construction and excellent value. The replaceable blades mean they can last for years and spares are freely available. The extremely sharp blade of the Benriner means it is crucial to keep the hand guard in place at all times.

Benriner - Made in Japan. Sharp. Precise. Durable.